World,s Oldest Chinar Tree Found In Kashmir


Kashmir is famous for its Culture, Tradition and for its scenic  beauty. The valley is surrounded by mountains , which are covered by green trees. It is said by the famous sufi saint ” Sheikh ul Aalam ” that if there is Heaven on the earth , It is here , It is here. so the oldest chinar tree is also in the Kashmir valley.

Today the Topic is about worlds oldest chinar tree, yes it is in kashmir “The largest and oldest chinar tree is located at Chattergram, in Budgam district”. A 627-year-old chinar tree planted by Sufi saint Syed Abul Qasim Shah Hamdani in 1374 in central Kashmir’s Badgam district is believed to be the oldest of the specie in the world.

But the 2nd largest and oldest chinar tree is located at Bijbehara town of anantnag district. which is 19 meters wide  . it is located in the Padshahi Bagh, This tree is about 400 years old .we have captured lot of pics of this oldest chinar tree. this tree was also planted by sufi saints in in 1683 .

In this pic it is mentioned that the Breast height is 40 ft and its ground level is 70ft . The department of Floriculture declared that ,Bijbehara chinar tree is 400 years old.



These pics where taken by Imran Rashid , famous photojournalist of Kashmir quick news and our team tried a lot to collect these information about  dates and events about oldest chinar tree, from different places.



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